About Vectorgrafix Pte. Ltd.

Vectorgrafix was incorporated in Singapore in 1993 by founder and CEO Mike Chapman. Mike has more than 30 years experience in software development for the marine survey industry.

Mike studied mathematics and computer science at university. He later worked in the offshore oil industry, developing software for rig moves and seismic surveys. Later ventures included a UK company producing digital maps for the Ordnance Survey, British Telecom and various water companies. Following the development of road survey systems for the UK Department of Transport, featured on the BBC television program "Tomorrow's World", he also provided similar systems in Singapore, used to develop a street and address database used by taxis for a despatching and monitoring system. The Singapore Land Survey Systems Unit (Ministry of Law) and Housing Development Board (Ministry of National Development) are amongst customers for bespoke GIS and database applications. However, marine survey has always been an ongoing activity, with oil industry, marine civil engineering and naval customers.

Vectorgrafix supplies sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, software for marine civil engineering and other applications. The programs are frequently updated. We can respond rapidly to individual user requests, should special features not already available in a program be required.