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The mapLoc fleet tracking system has been developed to provide efficient, low cost vehicle location using latest available technology. It is appropriate for:

- Car Security
- Fleet Management and Monitoring
- Security Applications

Use of SMS technology means that it can be used anywhere within GSM coverage, and avoids licensing problems. Vehicle positions are pinpointed with an integrated GPS receiver.

The in-vehicle unit is small and light, easily installed in any vehicle. In the minimum configuration, simply connect the antenna and 12 VDC supply to start tracking the vehicle. For more demanding applications, the unit is sufficiently versatile to be interfaced to a large number of sensors and outputs.

The base station software receives vehicle position and status reports using the integrated GSM modem. The reports can be triggered on distance travelled, lapsed time, specified events, or a combination of these.

The mapLoc software displays vehicle positions on a map, and allows the user to review the vehicle status. Alarms can be generated based on curfew, geofence or vehicle status.

The displayed maps can be vector or raster, or a combination of both. Supported map formats include AutoCAD DXF, Microstation DGN, Siemens SQD, Arc/info SHP and many others.

Data can be shared on an intranet if required. Optionally, internet access to the data can also be provided.

Summary of Features

Base Installation

Mobile Installation

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